• It is the home where you reach at the end of your search for extreme happiness and privacy. When it comes to the appearance and atmosphere of your home, you have higher expectations. It is the place where you live, relax and reflect what you are. Our housekeeping services are available in all parts of Kochi, Calicut, Trivandrum – Kerala and the major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Coimbatore and Bangalore.

  • CSS’s housekeeping service provides a high quality alternative to the in-house approach. We deliver the best housekeeping services and make you pleased at a lower and acceptable cost. You can experience the result of our services in your home.

  • Hiring out a range of security systems that we install for you to keep your site secure. We take all measures to ensure your extreme security and safety with little compromises.

  • The experts at the CSS deliver quality, trust, professionalism and attentiveness each and every day. As you keep belief in us, we take it as our privilege to serve you with a pleasant heart and sincere work.